Pro's Corner


We have all been faced with playing in the wind. You hear a lot about it when you watch pros on TV. Caddies and players throwing grass in the air, watching tree tops, etc. I have briefly listed below a few tips you may want to consider on how to adjust your set-up, your swing and your mental approach when playing in windy conditions.

Off the tee when playing down wind,use a 3-wood not a driver. The 3-wood has more loft and will lift the ball higher and make it stay in the air longer. The 3-wood is easier to control because the club is shorter the ball is closer to your body. Playing into the wind, use your driver because it will keep the ball flight lower and cause the ball to bounce forward once it hits the ground.

The best way to keep the ball down is to consider the following:

  1. Play the ball slightly farther back in your stance then you normally play the shot.
  2. Narrow your stance, setting your weight more to the inside of your back foot. This will reduce any movement from the ball to the takeaway and promote a sweeping motion through the ball.
  3. Choke down an inch or two on the grip This will shorten the swing and create a shallower path, less spin and lower ball flight for more distance.
  4. Hold the club with your hands relaxed. Do not tense up, or hold the club tighter, or swing faster in trying to compensate for the wind.
  5. Take 2 0r 3 continuous practice swings, then step up to the ball and just duplicate what you felt in the last practice swing. 
  6. Let the club do all the work. Hold your follow through and watch the ball in the air until the ball hits the ground, then release- picture Freddy Couples.

If you have any questions, please let us know. In the meantime- “keep it in the short grass”.